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"Royal Nil Online Auctioneer": " Royal Nil Online Auction ": The auction of products and goods according to the category, and are traded on a daily basis So that specific time in the open market and the market closed at specific hours. And goods are traded with a bid to the highest bidder. Since the " Royal Nil Online Auction " is held at a specified time such auctions daily , weekly or seasonal ,in"Day" held an auction for... more
Summary of the first session of Harsh -trend Summary of the first session of Harsh -trend Haresh first session: Price action: (Trend):   The most important thing in binary trading is the "trend": We must always manage two things 1-Emotions 2-Manage money accurately   A logic that tells you why an uptrend is strong and why a downtrend is weak and why a downtrend is strong or weak. The most important thing here is the market trend. We can count the market trend like a friend... more

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