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"  Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Start up "

"A special opportunity Royal Nil start up in mobile value added "


" Royal  Nil Mobile Value Added   " as a start-up that has been designed and specially designed for customers to receive value-added services and content and create special benefits. On the other hand, for business units (all businesses and commerce) that have different services and products and want to create value added systems and provide customers , Opportunities and a participatory program and a platform for designing all the stakeholders to take advantage of this special start-up.

Mobile and cellular networks have the most influence among communication networks and are increasingly being added In growth indicators, the penetration rate of mobile and Internet has multiplied in recent years, and most people use more than one mobile operator and in addition to their PC system.So that for most people, even shortly thereafter, it means losing something and finding it to get it !


Now it's time to create services for people with this tool Which are different aspects Provides value for money, receiving various services and enjoying the use of various services at any place and at any time with the same facilities available.


 Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Content and Services Benefits for Customers:

1- Use valuable content and provide basic information and the base and the link to the necessary information

2. Positive daily motivational messages

3. Content and educational messages with usability for general, simple and step-by-step in the field of: exchange education, insurance, health, finance and investment, parenting, as well as content and messages for specific audiences such as: accounting and Tax, stock, insurance and ...

4. Encouraging, better targeting, providing solutions and opportunities available

5- Providing various services through the Royal  Nil Mobile Value Added  

6- Categorization of daily articles and selecting materials based on interests and search services and links to the desired service.

7. Use in any location with cellphone and computer

8. Cost-effective implementation and use of services




Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Content and Services Benefits for Business Unite:

1- Use the platform to publish content in order to provide customers

2- Implementation of various bank services, services, location and ... on the platform through sms and application (app) offline and online (reduce the cost of execution, marketing and advertising)

3. Use the facilities of the commercial information bank and local business search and link to customers for more information

4. Use the "Royal Advertising Service and Notification" to customers

5- Use the Royal Nil Shop and Fast Buy Service and  Economical Buy Service to sell your products

6. Use  Royal Nil Online Services to service customers and apps

7. Use the "Opportunities for work with us in Royal Nil " section and its many benefits

8. Economic, financial and marketing benefits in value-added services



Executive Phases Start up Royal Nil Mobile Value Added :

 First Phase: Value Added Services for Royal Nil Mobile Content and Services through the Office of Business and Personal Accounts:

At first, based on the design and implementation of the design, the service was presented to the commercial services implemented on it in valuable and functional content in a general and specialized manner, and with customer selection.

And are part of a personal account and a personal or commercial office for business units, and they can use it when they login to their office and use it on a daily basis. They have to use the Internet to do this and use computers, laptops and mobile phone at any time and place.


Second Phase :: Create and Implement  Mobile Value Added with SMS in Linked Content Services and Advertisements with Royal Nil Pay Per SMS Link:

Based on the planning and design , This service is implemented with commercial services on  It has been created as a base of value added services on the mobile phone and the SMS will be available to users.


Third Phase:: Creating Value Added Mobile Services and Providing Different Services through APP Mobile Applications.

In Phase III, the Value Added Content and Services is provided through the APP and Mobile App and customers and members can access the app, depending on the APP feature installed, Online and through Internet connection Or offline and without the need for the Internet.


How to get involved in this project !



1. Share a startup and enjoy the benefits of growing it !

This start-up to run the first phase will require the necessary capital for execution, advertising and current costs In order to invest and share individuals for each person, the share of participation with the special investment model and special conditions has been created, and each person will be able to have a certain number of shares and a percentage of the total stock.

 Each person with a small capital of 100$( Equivalent to euro / pound ) will have a share of the project.

 After the initial test and implementation of the start-up and deducting of costs (operating cost, marketing percentages, percentage of developers, etc.) of the profit generated, the amount is distributed among the shareholders.

In the event of a higher absorption of resources and the creation of different phases, dividends will increase.


2- Using different services and services of value added created !

The purpose of this startup is to create valuable content services and various banking, stock market and ,... so As a member of this project, you will use the services provided above and you will be among the first.


3- Participate in this project and enjoy special marketing benefits:

This Start up for grow & development will require to : marketing, introduction, promotion and more and for this purpose, for marketers, 20% of the price of sales of services and content has been given for their introduction by them as the right to marketing, and to provide them with reference .

And given that there is a definite ceiling for attracting people until the time it has been allocated, and afterwards the introduction of new people by starters will start up.therefore, there is a special opportunity for the development and introduction of this startup for starters.


4. Become a Developer of our Developer Team and get the benefits.

 Programmer  and APP developers and software application developers and can join the "Royal Nil Start-Up Developers Team " by developing apps and creating apps and mobile apps and added value,and considering that 20% of start-up profits benefit developers dedicated to developing it On the other hand, for each APP applied in the area of ​​banking, stock exchange, content and ... by that team, and for profits of providing services to customers, the profit is 18%.

Business units can also create and develop as developers by joining the Royal Nil Developers Team, their content, services and APP by placing them in the "Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Platform" and using customers from the content. And generated services provided to developers.

Whatever content, services, products,  and APs created by developers and business units are of a higher quality and more value for customers, the higher the customer satisfaction in receiving services, higher consumption and greater use of the services created And will ultimately be more profitable for both creators and developers as well as for shareholders!


Number of shares: 1000 shares


Number of members:


By subscribing to the newsletter list, you will be in the process of launching the upgrade and buying stock!

  You are one of the first to be in this START UP!