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“Decentralize Network / Decentralize Web Server-Web Hosting /Decentralize Web -Mobile Applications”




 Why decentralize network?


Despite the creation of the Internet for freedom of information and communication and   with  The purpose of the business Practically the most focus has been on and through some governments and large corporations and through  Different restrictions apply to individuals,


The first we must make network on block chain & connected them that work like internet structure (this network is individual network but use of internet capacity)!


 “ROYAL NIL COIN NETWORK “ is decentralize security network with pear to pear connection ,web server & block chain structure !





" ROYAL NIL COIN " Royal Nil Coin:(RNC): It Is cryptocurrencies & digital coin & online currencies for decentralize “Royal Nil Coin network –web hosting /web server-decentralize application (platform )& online money that creates with mining & is rewards for verify blocks in block chain with special algorithm & hash function.   Royal Nil Coin Network Time: (RNCNT): It Is international... more