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  • Royal Nil Coin Core :(RNCC):

It is open source main core program that run for each node (computer, phone mobile & web server) until make “Royal Nil Decentralize network “ .


“Royal Nil Coin Core “has two sections (part):

3/1- Royal Nil Coin Core User Interface :(RNCUI)

 It Is interface with tools for user to use of network ,use of application for money transaction , data transaction ,  publish & save data ,use of ability of web application in network ,…..


3/2- Royal Nil Coin Core Business Interface: (RNCCBI):

It Is interface with tools for user that want work in network with mining, rent host & CPU with small contract, web server& web hosting service , give many services with network ,management system for work ,…


Royal Nil Coin Core Version :(RNCCV):

It is version of each core program that makes & publishes.


Royal Nil Coin Core Rules:(RNCCR):

Rules that write with programming code & script for follow each node when install core to make pool & connecting to other node ,share memory to processing data, save data in hard disk & kept public ledger , protocols of network work & all thing that need to task & work in network .