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“Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name “(RNCDN):

Each node ,pool , program & main access point  in network has special name with special protocol & this is private, (this is like ip address) ,for register that next on choice name , cryptography with  public key& digital signature, then with “Royal Nil Coin Hash   “ converting to public  name address & save with block in “Royal Nil Coin Block Chain “ .

 1- RNCN (Royal Nil Coin Network) : is protocol that we use .

2- name : is name that we choice: for node ,pool , program & main access point

3- . (POINT ): is character for separate

4- D :Decentralize & symbol that

5- Extension name : com,net,org,org

6- Performance name: is extension of name: node ,pool ,moneybank ,stockbank ,stock…


2- “Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name  Hash“(RNCDNH):

This is hash function that with special algorithm make unique public name.


3- “Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name  Algorithm“(RNCDNH):

This is Algorithm for make unique public name.


 4- Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name Search  (RNCDNS):

It is script for search name trough extension, domain & name  


 5- “Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name System “:(RNCDNS):

This program set up on each NODE, take public name address then with hash function (royal nil node name hash function) communicate with convert to node name (“Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Node Name “(RNCDNN)) then decrypt & able to access:

6- “Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name  Protocol“(RNCDNH):

This is protocol for standard resister name in “Royal Nil Decentralize Network “.


7- Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Name Register  (RNCDNR):

This is program & script register unique name in decentralize public ledger, with special algorithm & hash function.

For register name the first must input name for register in public ledger then search in public ledger for node or pool with hash function, if name not registered in public ledger so could register name & with hash function save with public name address in public ledger & name block & save with hexadecimal format.


“Royal Nil Coin Public Name Address:(RNCPNA):

It is public name address for register (save in ) block chain .