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“Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Primary Pool Name “(RNCDPPN):

Each Primary Pool in network has special name with special protocol & this is private, for register that next on choice name , cryptography  with  public key digital signature , then with “Royal Nil Coin Hash “ converting to public pool name address & save with block in “Royal Nil Coin Block Chain “ .

1- RNCN(Royal Nil Coin Network) : it is protocol that we use .

 2- Pool Name : it is name that we choice for pool

3- . (POINT ): it is character for separate

4- D :Decentralize & symbol that

5- Extension: com,net,org,org

6- Pool: it is performance extension of pool name.


 1- “Royal Nil Coin Public Pool Name Address”:(RNCPPNA):

Is public pool name address for register (save in ) block chain .

2- “Royal Nil Coin Pool Name System “:(RNCPNS):

This program set up on each Royal Nil Coin Primary Pool, make better connecting primary pool in royal nil coin network together , take (RNCPPNA) public pool name address then with Verification hash function (royal nil coin hash function ) convert to pool name (“Royal Nil Coin  Decentralize Pool Name “(RNCDPN)) then decrypt & able to access:

3-Royal Nil Coin Decentralize Pool Name Public Ledger(RNCDPNPL):

It is public ledger for save name with Doman ledger & block of name with name header.