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 Royal Nil Coin Script : (RNCS):

Script is program language that automating doing some task & work with algorithm & function that  is writing with basic ,c++,phyton ,php ,java script ,…

,”Royal Nil Coin “ use of deferent script in hash functions, node connection , task system, make public  decentralize objects, cryptography (make password) ,converting & recovery password ,….& saving data in block chain with decentralize ( without central control ) that with special algorithm doing task .


 26- Royal Nil Coin Script Name : (RNCSN):

This is name of script (that use for doing task)


27-  Royal Nil Coin Script Version : (RNCSV):

 This is version of script is created.


 28- Royal Nil Coin Script Id : (RNCSID):

This is unique identity of each script that makes, such as: name of script, date & time created, creator, version,…


29- Royal Nil Coin Hash : (RNCH):

It Is one strings character (number & letter ) that make with program & hash function ,that  take  data (inputs ),processing with algorithm then in final give unique fixed length result  with hexadecimal.

Like bitcoin,”Royal Nil Coin Hash “ use of SHA256 for make random character . & use for addresses, anything that must save for “ROYAL Nil Block Chain “.