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Royal Nil Coin Digital Signature  :(RNCDS):

It  Is program & hash function in each node ,sender  ( user)  sign (verify ) with private key  &  public key ,write their massage then program converting to digital signature then with “Royal Nil Hash Function “  encrypted  for save in network (“Royal Nil Coin Block chain ) .

For more security We use of signature Instead of send private key in request of node.



Royal Nil Coin Signing Algorithm  :(RNCSA):

Is the algorithm for getting provide key & massage (request) then with function converted to Digital signature.

In receiver (node ) the first decrypted with “Royal Nil Hash Function “ then input digital signature & public key to verification algorithm to converting digital signature & request (massage ) we send .

Royal Nil Coin verification Algorithm :(RNCVA):

Is  the algorithm for getting digital signature & massage(request ) then with function converted to Digital signature & massage .


Royal Nil Coin Type Of Application :(RNCTOA)

It is script with  special algorithm & hash function that make with public key & determined with type of application (transaction data, transfer money, save data ,back up data is requested for node-pool sender (requester)& or with receiver node-pool in network  .