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" Royal Nil Marketing " :

Marketing is one of the main sections in Royal Nil, and for this purpose a specific marketing strategy has been created. Everyone in Royal Nil has the opportunity to use the facilities of the site and services created, as well as discounts and Gifts and special benefits for customers should be registered on the site and become member of the site.

- On the site, part of the services  are publicly available and in some cases it will only be a part of the services for the public at short notice, but the core services and value added services for customers will be based on the registered and available members.

The services and platforms of the Royal Nil site are based on the startup model, which is based on the Startup Plan, which has the amount of capital required to start and It will be operational and scheduled with phases of operation, where initial capital will be divided into shares (based on the stock and investment model) and issued to a specified number, and for the purchase of shares by members and the registration of new members available to the public Will be placed at the end of the specified registration deadline and in order to bring more benefits to those who have registered, the registration of new members after the specified date will be subject to the introduction by the people and the old members!

And, on the other hand, our development model will be pleased to introduce our work and register new members through referrals and introduction by site members and  active customers, so that each new person to register must be through a person who has previously been a member of the Services

use of  Products and Services and has satisfied should be introduced to the site and introduce its code , which is the code for the members, and on the other hand, in order to continuously develop the members, marketing by commercial units and marketers who have "Royal Nil business account " There are restrictions on the number of registered members per month per person.

Awareness and informing customers that through advertising are "limited and targeted advertising" will be aimed at helping marketers develop our business, and a model for introducing referrals through them.

Each business, in addition to planning for the determination of the necessary sectors and the amount of administrative costs, is spent on capital and the profits made for sustainable development, the need for capital and funds, the sale of products and services, the contributions of members (customers) and business units And we know it well, and based on that, we formulate a marketing plan as a key strategy and develop a certain percentage of fixed income based on annual reappraisal plans.



" Royal Nil Marketing plan" : 

1- A plan for the purchase and use of products and services by customers:

1.1- For the sale of products and services through a store and fast buy service: 3-8% of the sales profit is directly represented.

1.2- For the sale of products and services through the store and the economic buy service: 8-15% of the profit is realized directly.

- For other services and departments, such as online sales, online shopping, online services are calculated based on the percentage of quick purchases.

- For shareholders, the interest rate is increased by 5-20% at the specified rate!


2. Marketing plan for publishers and value-added services. Royal Nil website: For receiving content and services through the paid service for each link, the information "pay per link information service" via the site or via SMS and APP (Value Added Mobile Application ) 8% is awarded to the reporter.


Royal Nil Marketing Plan for stock and Investments:

Per share (equivalents of stock value) on the day of purchase of shares and the amount of capital injected by the members, 10% of the amount of the capital will be rebated.

- For stockholders, 5% is added to the specified rate!


4. Royal Nil marketing plan for selling products and services by business units:

Business units by placing products and services in the Royal Nil products portfolio available to members and customers at:

Fast buy Service: 8-16 percent of the fee is calculated on the product and received from the business unit.

In the economic buy service: 16-30% of the commission is received from the business unit.

- For other services, the service fee is calculated fast buy services .

- The fee for the executive fee and the marketing fee paid to the members and includes the fee for shipping, taxes and other costs that are not added to the price!

- For business units that are shareholders, 2% of the fee is deducted.

5. The Revenue Plans for Publishers and Value-Added Services: By joining Publisher and Business Unit into the "Royal Nil mobile Value Added Platform" for generating valuable content and services that is paid through the paid service for each "pay per link  information service "is provided to customers through the site or via SMS and APP (Mobile Value added app) and purchased and used by them. 40% of the price of the service is paid to the business unit.


6. Royal Nil Marketing Plans for Developers: Become a developer of our developer team and take advantage of it:

 programmer & (APP)  application developers and developers can join the " Royal Nil Start Up developer team " in developing apps and creating mobile apps and add-ons, and given that 20% of profits Startup for developers dedicated to the development of this, and on the other hand, for each APP application that will be created in the banking, stock market, content, and ... by that team, and profits from the provision of services to customers will also benefit 18% of sales.

Business units can also develop as developers by joining the Royal Nil Developers Team, their content, services and APPs, and by placing them on the "Royal Nil Mobile Value Added Platform" and customer use of content. And generated services provided to developers.

The more content, services, products, APPs  created by developers and business units are of a higher quality and more value for customers, the higher the customer satisfaction in receiving services, higher consumption and greater use of services created and will ultimately have a higher return on both developers and shareholders!


Issue :MP-S-N-1-2019



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