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"Royal Nil Privacy& Security":

These rules are valid for all users of the Services and Services, and are committed to comply with these rules and any procedures and verifications that they make in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. It means accepting and fulfilling the relevant obligations below.

1-The official website is www.royalnil.com

 with " ROYAL NIL "  brand ,Users are committed to commercial rights and laws Copy Right  and intellectual property and are required to perform it. Any copying, use of materials, images , logo, video, resources, news, etc., to any title and in any form, and to quote any of the contents on this site, without the express permission of the company and the directors of the Royal Nil Placing on your website and others and publishing it on the site, publications, magazines and other resources is possible only with the official permission of the company and is prohibited without permission.

2. The website is updated  at certain times.

managers are entitled to know at any time, without notice in and Services without time commitment , To change the terms of the rules and conditions of the site, and users are required to refer to the relevant page in order to know the latest terms and conditions.

-In the event of need to modify the terms and conditions of the site and the terms of access of users to the services and services having a commitment time: from the time of final approval and on the basis of the contract entered into on that date until the end of the term, the contract is valid for users with the previous contract; and Any changes to the terms and conditions of use for new users and upon termination of that contract shall be applied to users with prior agreement.

3. Privacy:

Customer information is classified as confidential and is reserved for the company, and users are required to comply with it. In order to gain access to the services , the website collects customer information and maintains them with security issues and specific security protocols.

3/1-  Maintenance,Store and use personal information of users in privacy and security and be updated periodically, which users should pay attention to and know about it and the guidelines.

3/2 - In order to send goods to users: their name, address and telephone are placed on mail order and delivered to the mailing list.

3/3 - In the case of a quick-purchasing service: the name and address of the company are given to the business entity for delivery and delivery to the post and the postal companies, and on the other hand, the possibility of sending to the specified address in the process of sending the goods also in It is intended to proceed accordingly.

3/4 - In the case of Information Reservation Service: Name, contact number and ID are provided to the entity to continue the process.

3/5 - In online services, some user information is provided to the business units on the basis of the specified fields in order to continue processes and provide services.

Except for the above requirements, which are necessary for customer service, the identity and private information of the users are protected by the company and are protected by specific protocols. And only site administrators and users themselves have access to them.

4. Digital Signing and Confirmation:

According to the e-commerce rules, approval and ticking and continuation of the services and services, and subject to the agreement of the terms and conditions of the site, constitute a digital signature and verified by the user and valid.

5- Creating a  Royal Nil personal account:

A personal account will be created through the registration form available on the site. And users must provide correct and real information about it and, upon the request of the accuracy of the information based on the identity information registered with the documents submitted on the instructions given and the consequences of incorrect input and incorrect information on the account creator. And they should be careful when registering.

5/1. Identity information includes: name, last name, national number, mother's name, date of birth, address and any information placed on the registration field.

5/2. Email: The user's email to send the link to activate the office and confirm it (by clicking on the link and the instructions given) and contact the office and site of Royal Nil in the administration of affairs, support and notification to the user. is .

5/3- Mobile number: To connect with Royal Nil and provide various services and services, especially the Royal Nil Value Added, and information and support, and various requests by the user.

5 / 4- Pin code and security questions for entering the Royal Nil Bank and Royal Nil Card Banking and recovery (retrieval) are forgotten.

5 / 5- Address: In order to send products and merchandise to the user's site and the site, it is necessary to perform the necessary administrative work with the Royal Nil website and provide various services.

5 / 6- th area and blocks are required to determine the "royal nil location code" for services available at the Royal Nil Commercial & city information Bank and all services and services based on the "Royal  Nil  Local Business Search."

5/7- The field information of the registration is updated periodically and is optimized in terms of security and security protocols, which, if required, obtains the required identity information, will be informed through a personal office for previously registered customers. Updates and through special forms.

5/8- In order to protect the Security and Security issues of the work Office and to maintain the ownership of the Office of work, some information in the registration form such as name, email and address (primary), mother's name, ... is uneditable, and the criterion Matching the information based on the registration information on the Royal Nil site will be with the identity documents submitted on the basis of the instructions given and will require time and cost, so when registering with patience and accuracy, take action.


6. Security Issues and User Accounts:

To log into the Work office and Account of  User,user Name and Password are required to be provided to users at the time of registration and after specified stages. And also, in order to secure more to enter the bank account in the office and ..., a certain code is also included.

6/1- Users are required to memorize their User Name and Password and write it down where it does not have security and is not available to others in order to enter their office, and the responsibility for the care and protection of it is reserved to users. is .


6.2 - Users are required User Name and Password to determine  use symbols  to enhance their security while defining their user name and password, and avoid using simple phrases to be guessed. In case of need to upload a personalized personalized image, the users will be classified and stored with security considerations in order to fit the specifications through the necessary parts in the office of work on the website.

 6/3- Users are required to use updated computerized antivirus and firewall to communicate with the website, and update it daily, and use ISP lines and companies that consider security issues in their communications. And in case of any problems in these cases, the responsibilities are the responsibility of the users. Any disturbances in the user's communications network are the responsibility of the users and the problems caused by the incorrect transmission of information to the server and to the users resulting from these cases are directly the responsibility of users and users are required to use the transmission lines and the appropriate companies in these cases. To be

6 / 4- Users are required to have only one personal account with their full name and only use this personal account to manage their work. On the other hand, the opening of a trading account will be subject to certain rules and create with the partner. Creating multiple accounts and aliases is prohibited for users. In case of dealing with these accounts, the user account above will be blocked.

6/5 -Site administrators are strongly opposed to spam, letter spam and more. If the user uses spam in the mail and office correspondence, the account will be blocked.

7- Any unauthorized access to data, information and websites is prohibited.

Any disruption to communication networks and databases, systems and equipment, installation of the program, writing of the virus, malware and malicious programs, hacking, unauthorized use of data and information, and any action that causes physical and non-technical damage Physical activity is prohibited on any title and in any way, and the site administrators, while confronted with offenders, reserve the right to prosecute and introduce them to legal entities in order to enforce their rights.

8- Users can use vpn to better protect their information.

9- Users should periodically change their passwords through their own office in order to increase the security of their passwords.

10 - Royal Nil will never send credit card information through email, SMS, and phone ... and ask for a password, and any administrative process will be done through your office.

10 / 1- In case you send any email requesting your identity and account information and credit card, and ... immediately send by mailing a ticket at your office or sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Inform the administrators to take the necessary action.

11. Users are required to email their registered user account information in order to avoid any misuse and problems caused by theft and hacking of their personal information and office. Finally, by sending a ticketing to the customer support department on the website, notify the managers. The site must be able to block the account until its status is clarified.

12- To contact various directors and departments by sending a message to your office, send a ticket to the forms specified on the site and the telephone number specified on the Royal Nil website at  www.royalnil.com.



 Issue :L-P-S-N-1-2019